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Why Businesses Can’t Survive Without Social Media

September 7, 2018

Today, it’s hard to imagine business without the Internet. Rewind a few years, however, and it’s amazing how many digital skeptics were still around. Case in point: In 1995, Newsweek published the now infamous article titled The Internet? Bah! Insisting the web was just a fad, the article wrote off the idea of “cyberbusiness” altogether: […]

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A new approach to business-model innovation

August 7, 2018

Let’s face it: business models are less durable than they used to be. The basic rules of the game for creating and capturing economic value were once fixed in place for years, even decades, as companies tried to execute the same business models better than their competitors did. But now, business models are subject to rapid […]

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How to be a good business partner

July 7, 2018

Finance, as we keep hearing, is increasingly a strategic business partner rather than a grudge, support function. But what exactly is a strategic partner? One definition is: an advisory unit that can proactively or reactively assist in the financial and commercial evaluation of opportunities to improve business performance, or develop the business in new areas […]

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